ADA: A New Hurdle For Your Business Website?

ADA: Americans With Disabilities Act, get help updating your website to be inclusive of all of the worlds citizens.

The ADA, or The Americans With Disabilities Act, isn’t actually new, it went into effect July 26, 1990. And, don’t let it’s approaching 32nd birthday fool you, either. Every year ADA lawsuit numbers are trending upward and targeting small business owners more often.

For example….

A mere 262 ADA lawsuits were filed nationwide according to the Mizzurah Bar, or MoBar as it’s called in Mizzurah, in 2016. SOURCE: Missouri Bar Article

Fast forward to 2021, the WSJ reported, “Plaintiffs filed 1,661 lawsuits claiming digital violations…..” and that was just between Jan. 1st and Jun. 30th 2021. SOURCE: Wall Street Journal Article

Hard to Ignore the Sentiment

Now, don’t get us wrong, We understand and agree 100% with the sentiment of the ADA. We think websites should be accessible to everyone ourselves. And we’re sure you do, too. However, is it really the best way to achieve across-the-board website accessibility for everyone by creating a windfall payday for a select few?

Unfortunately that sentiment won’t stop this growing legal trend.

What will help curtail the disabled being denied access and the aforementioned paydays is some old fashioned, preventative medicine, if you will. And, because we’re business owners ourselves we don’t see any reason these preventative measures shouldn’t be affordable.

The Solution We’ve All Been Waiting For

Mad Hatter Marketing, LLC will take care of the updates your website requires for the very small price of $350. And, what’s even better, we’ll complete the updates within 48 hours from reception of your payment. If you’re visiting this page because of the report we sent you feel free to email us, [email protected] or call us, (352) 280-3899 if you have anymore questions.

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